Lisbon FM

Frequencies and Jingles of the FM radio stations in the Lisbon area [as of 23-Oct-1995]

Frequęncias e Jingles das rádios FM na regiăo de Lisboa [em 23-Out-1995]

Last updated: 9-Jul-2001 (Changed the sound file format from AIFF-C to MP3)
Last frequency update: 21-Out-1995
Page created: 2-Mar-1995
Page created by: A.Miguel Dias

Important notice: All the jingles are copyright of the respective radio stations.

About the jingles

These sound samples were created on 21-Oct-95 on a lowly Macintosh IIvi running system 7.5.1 using the freeware program Sample Editor 1.0.3, which is copyright of Garrick McFarlane. After that the jingles were encoded using the AIFF-C sound format. AIFF-C stands for Audio Interchange File Format (Compressed). The audio-compression algorithm used was the MACE 3-to-1. This is a lossy compression algorithms that provides reasonable quality in one third of the space. Lossy compression means that the compressed sound will not sound exactly like the original.

At a later time (9-Jul-2001), I converted the sound files to the MP3 format. I did this on a Linux machine, using the "sox" file-converter and the "lame" mp3-encoder.

How did I manage to gather so many jingles?

On 21/Oct/1995, during the afternoon, I set my 8 years old Panasonic NV-F70 VHS-HIFI video recorder to Long Play mode and Line/Audio mode, introduced a 240m tape, pressed the record button and let the tape run while switching FM channels on my AKAY AT-52 tuner. As each jingle appeared I indexed it using the remote control. This took me six hours. The sampling procedure took me two extra hours.