The course has the goal to present, study and discuss the technologies used in Digital Media, considering the following topics:



Two hours of lectures per week. Schedule: Thursday, 14h-16h. Support in project development.

Assignments and Evaluation

Throughout the semester two assignments are proposed:

Survey paper (half-page proposal: April 2, due date: May 15)

Overview paper, on topics related with the course, with theme proposed by us or proposed by the student and approved by the us. This work is done individually and it must have a maximum of 8 pages using the ACM format. It is important to include a critical perspective on the subject and to compare different approaches and paradigms. A map of concepts such as the ones produced in the VUE environment could be used although this is not required. An example, in this case applied to augmented reality, is available from the ACM Digital Library. This example was published in one of the most important conferences in the area – ISMAR and (PDF only available where there is a subscription to the ACM DL).

Project specification including architecture and developed components (half-page proposal: April 2, due date: June 29)

The project includes components of specification and implementation of a multimedia system. It identifies the requirements, includes a detailed description of the system architecture and some specific components are developed. This project can be done individually or in groups (two students). Guidelines for project presentation are available. For class diagrams the UML language can be used and about this language there is diverse information such as Quick Reference and UML 2 Class Diagrams. There is also a tool to generate diagrams from a textual representation. Generic tools for building diagrams are available such as UMLet and Violet.

Presentation date:  July 5th
Oral presentation of the project and survey.




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