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Research interests
  • Models of concurrency and distribution: design models, languages, and tools to express and reason about concurrent and distributed systems, addressing aspects as security and data replication.
  • Foundations of cloud computing: design of programming models that capture the abstractions of large-scale distributed systems.
  • Language-based security: development of languages and static analysis techniques to support data security and privacy in highly distributed environments.
Current Projects
  • PRECISE -- A correct by design methodology for available cloud applications (FCT/MCTES/PT)
  • GOLEM -- Automated programming to revolutionize app development (Carnegie Mellon|Portugal)
Past Projects
  • LightKone (H2020/EU)
  • Reversible Computation (Cost Action/EU)
  • Clay (FCT/MCTES/PT)
  • SyncFree (FP7/EU)
  • Certified Interfaces (Carnegie Mellon|Portugal)
  • StreamLine (FCT/MCTES/PT)
  • IP Sensoria - Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers (EU IST)
  • IP MATISSE - Methodologies and technologies for industrial strength systems engineering (EU IST)
  • ABCD - Automated Validation of Business Critical Systems with Component Based Designs (UK EPSRC)
  • High-Integrity Component-Based Engineering for Enterprise Systems (IBM UK Labs)
  • ...